Why Choose Organic Cured Meats?

Choosing organic cured meats is the right way to protect the environment and safeguard the health of animals, which are raised in large spaces.

Evaluating why choosing organic cured meats means thinking about a product during all its preparation phases, from the breeding of the organic animal to the ways in which it is processed. Regulations and regulations affect details such as feed or ingredients that can be used, giving priority to everything that is natural and protecting sustainability.

Why Choose Organic Cured Meats

Organic animals for organic Cured Meats

To choose organic cured meats you must start with organic animals, and even before that, with a certified organic farmer: in fact, animals tend to spend a lot of time outdoors compared to their conventional counterparts, and their diet must come 100% from organic farming and without traces of GMOs.

One of the intrinsic advantages of choosing organic farming lies in the large spaces that the animals have available, which reduces the chances of them getting sick. Therefore the use of antibiotics is very limited and homeopathic or phytotherapeutic treatments can be used, another important fact for choosing organic cured meats.

The processing of organic Cured Meats

We understood where it comes from and how is the raw material used for the production of these preparations, but what about the transformation? Before choosing organic cured meats, it is necessary to keep in mind that, although there are regulations that protect their processing, each company can take its own path.

What can be valid for everyone is certainly a more natural approach to processing, and usually the list of ingredients is more contained and oriented towards the minimization of synthetic products. An example is milk derivatives, which are practically not used, and the same is tried to do with other ingredients, such as nitrites and nitrates.

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