Smoker Tube Vs Smoker Box

Smoker box and smoker tube are both beneficial for your wood. The Box Chips are affordable and observed to burn faster, but on the other hand, wood in tubes burns slowly and non-stop few hours.

Using Smoker Boxes, you will not see any change in the smoking method, and you will get a delicious and exact taste of the food you grill using a smoker box.

Smoker tube is promising to give you the flavor of food. It is also affordable and easy to use. Let’s compare and discuss the smoker box and smoker tube in detail.

1. Skoo Pellet Smoker Tube

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 Skoo Pellet Smoker Tube is a high-quality smoker attachment and not so easy to use, but it comes with a very reasonable price and lasts for up to 5 hours, which is best for grilling on smoke. It comes with a tube, cleaning brush, hook, and ebook.

This smoker tube is made to make grilling on smoke simple, convenient, and fast for you. Because of its lightweight and small size, it can be taken and use anywhere you want to use it; this makes it a perfect helper for camping and outing purposes.

Its use is effortless, fill the smoker tube with wood pellets that will be used for the food, light up the grill, and enjoy your fully flavored grilling.


  • Easy to fill with wood chips or pellets.
  • The lightweight and small size make it easy to carry and use everywhere, best for outside parties or cooking fun.
  • It can last up to 5 hours which is all need to get a good grilling experience.
  • Features a clean pouch that is used to store the smoker tube when not in use.
  • Includes an ebook for a perfect guideline and some recipes.

2. Charcoal Companion Smoker Box

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The Charcoal Companion Smoker Box is the true companion in your grilling time. It gives you the real flavor and delicious taste as it promises to do.

It comes in a triangle shape and proves to be a perfect help in gas grilling. This affordable smoker attachment also allows you to get smoking joy using wood chips.

You can put the smoker box on the grill, add your favorite flavored wood chips, and get a full-flavored smoky taste.


  • It comes in V-shape, so easy to fit between deflector bars on grills for a real smoky flavor.
  • Sturdy Stainless design is capable of doing the job at high temperatures.
  • The dust and deposits remain in the smoker box, and your grill stays clean.


The smoker tubes and boxes both are promising to deliver the best taste of grilled food. Smoker Box has the ability to withstand the high grilling temperature,

but the wood chips in boxes burn faster, while the smoker tube guarantees long-lasting needed time for grilling and burn slowly. So we recommend you to use Smoker Tubes for your high-quality smoker and enjoy the perfect and delicious smoky taste.

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