Pizza Pan With Holes Vs No Holes

We usually find ourselves in a dilemma when deciding between the pizza pan with holes or the pizza pan with no holes. There is so much confusion about which one is better among the two. Some people find themselves comfortable with a pizza pan containing holes while others declare that the pizza pan with no holes is perfect for your cooking process.

Everyone wants to have a perfect crust for their pizza and so it is important to use the perfect utensil. Before choosing any of these two you must get detailed information about both of them and then you should decide which one suits you the best as both of them have their pros and cons. You must ponder upon the fact of how your final pizza will be influenced by the pan you are using during the oven cooking.

Pizza Pan with holes VS no holes

The main difference between the Pizza Pan with holes vs no holes is in their surface and construction. Both of them have different textures, materials, ways of working, and structures.


A pizza pan with holes allows more heat to penetrate through it and so even heat is provided throughout the pizza. The penetration of more heat through the perforations of the pan makes the crust perfectly bakes with crunch in it.  Due to the holes the moisture of the dough readily escapes and left the crust crispy.

On the other side, the pizza pan with no holes results in a chewy pizza as it takes more time to bake. Also as know moisture escapes from the pizza dough thus your pizza will be soft, juicy, and soggy. Most people like their pizza this way.


Another main difference between the two pans is the material that is used in their construction. The pizza pan with holes is made of carbon steel which allows more heat to get absorbed and results in a faster cooking process.

On the contrary, the Pizza pan with no holes has a heavy bottom that takes more time to absorb the heat and thus process takes more time to get completed.

Maintenance of the pans

Cleaning and maintaining the utensils is another major difference between the two pans. The pan with wholes definitely needs more effort to get cleaned as the residue gets stuck in the holes and perforations.

While the pan with no holes gets easily cleaned in no time and can also be washed simply in a dishwasher.

Features of Pizza Pan with holes

  • As the moisture escapes, the pizza will be crispy and crunchy and will be less soft and creamy. So it is good for the people whole likes the crunch. So if you like a juicy and soggy one then definitely this one is not for you.
  • It takes very less time to get your pizza cooked.
  • A pizza pan made with carbon steel should be preferred over an aluminum one as it can cause aluminum poisoning.
  • As more heat is provided to your pizza through holes, you must be careful with temperature as your pizza can be burnt.

Features of the Pizza Pan with No Holes

  • With a no-hole pizza pan, you can bake plenty of dishes like your kinds of pasta, macaronies or anything like your cakes, softies, pies, etc and so can be used for multi-purposes.
  • As it is heavy-bottomed so it has more weight as compared to the other ones.
  • If you do not like to spend a lot of time in your kitchen in the heat, then these pans are definitely not for you. You must go for the other ones.
  • Chances to burn are lesser in these pans as heat is not transferred at a higher rate in these pans.


When choosing a pizza pan for your own use in the kitchen you should firstly look at all the pros and cons of both the Pizza pans and then decide which pizza pan goes well with your demand and which one will give you more comfort while cooking in the kitchen.


Which type of Pizza Pan is used in the famous restaurants?

As most restaurants preferred to make the chew pizza with extra cheese and softness, so they always go for the pizza pan without holes as they follow the slow baking process for their pizzas.

Should we go for a pizza pan with handles?

Obviously, it would be best to use a pizza pan with handles as you can easily handle move the pan and so you must be careful that your pan must have strong handles.

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