Maverick Et-732 VS Et-733

Maverick Et-732 and Maverick et-733 are two smoker thermometers to measure meat’s temperature and ensure precise cooking.

Using the same smoker thermometer, You can monitor the temperature of various types of meats simultaneously. In this way, you can present a correctly prepared BBQ to your friends and family members.

Both maverick et-732 and et-733 are proved to be the best smokers, especially for Barbeque. Maverick et-732 is the predecessor of Maverick et-733.

Let’s have a detailed discussion about smokers mentioned above, their features, their performance, and decide whether maverick et-732 is the best choice for you or maverick et-733 gathers more fame.

1. Maverick Et-732 Review

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 Maverick Et-732 is specially intended to monitor the temperature of your BBQs and various meats remotely. Includes 2 stainless-steel probes.

Its most extreme temperature edge is 572°F. Comes with a communication range of 300 feet. It facilitates you with customized temperatures and alerts.

It permits you to set both a countdown and count-up timer; all these facilities ensure your perfect joyful cooking, smoking, and barbecuing.


  • Dual Probe to monitor the temperature of meats and ambient temperature remotely and simultaneously.
  • This smoker thermometer allows you to set countdown or count up timers and ensures receiving timer alerts.
  • The minimum setting for the countdown timer is 1 minute, and the maximum setting is 24 hours.
  • In both probes, you can set your desired temperatures. You are allowed to set the maximum temperature for the food probe and receive an audio-visual alert when the programmed temperature is reached or surpassed.
  • To monitor the ambient temperature, you can set both min and max temperatures and receive audio-visual alerts when the ambient temperature exceeds or falls underneath the set temperature.
  • If the signal gets lost or you walk outside the range, the receiver will beep and blink to inform you about the signal lost issue.

2. Maverick Et-733 Review

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Maverick Et-733 is one of the most known meat thermometers. It is a remote digital thermometer with a mean exactness within 3 to 4°F, and it has a communication range of 300 feet.

Maverick Et-733 features 2 hybrid probes to monitor both food temperature and ambient temperature. It performs wonderfully by using in smokers, BBQs and, ovens.

Its temperature ranging is from 32°F to 572°F, and 15 presets for different types of meat. It comes with an improved large LCD screen that provides full and accurate information and ensures easy reading.


  • It comes with a long communication range of 300 feet to also do your other work without the danger of overcooking or burning the food.
  • Has two hybrid probes for both food temperature and ambient temperature monitoring.
  • Maverick ET-733 comes with 9 presets for various kinds of meat like pork, veal, lamb, beef, rabbit, boar, duck, bird, chicken, turkey, deer, elk, fish, moose, and buffalo.
  • You can also set custom temperatures according to your taste.
  • You are allowed to set more than one alarm and get notified when the meat reaches the preset or custom set temperature. If you walk outside the range, After 1 minute, the signal-loss alarm notifies you.


Most of the thermometers’ features are the same, and both are good in performance, but Maverick Et-733 comes with an improved backlit screen, enhanced temperature functions, and new, improved hybrid probes. So match this product with your requirements if you will buy an efficient thermometer for your smoker.

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