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Jimmy Johns franchise is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded by Jimmy John Liautaud in the 20th century. It has hundreds of locations found at different places across the US. It is considered the most popular business and occasional meal restaurant. It has such great food to offer that people usually consider going there again and again.

The menu of Jimmy Johns includes sandwiches (thick-slice wheat, Lil John, and Unwich), burgers, dill pickles, and chips. They make chocolates and mainly cookies in desserts.

The sandwiches comprise over 17 different kinds including different kinds of meat. It could be chicken, roasted beef, bacon, tuna, salami, or turkey. BBQ, jalapenos, vinegar, sausages are the flavors of chips.

JJ’s offer punches of flavor in catering services and can cater your next business dinner or any occasion with freshly prepared ingredients. They provide corporate catering, special event catering, and lunch box catering.

Here we mention the Jimmy Johns catering menu along with the rest. The food offered by Jimmy Johns is classy, bold, and delicious. We love it to the core.


SANDWICHES ( Originals & Favorites)

  1. THE PEPE: Ham cheese
  3. VITO: Capicola, onion & oil, salami, oregano& basil (without mayonnaise), cheese
  4. TOTALLY TUNA: Tuna salad & cucumber
  5. SPICY EAST COAST ITALIAN: Oregano and basil, double cheese, double salami, hot peppers, oil and vinegar, double capicola
  6. BIG JOHN: Roasted beef
  7. THE VEGGIE: Avocado spread, double cheese & cucumber
  8. Ultimate PORKER: Ham & bacon
  9. BEACH CLUB: Avocado spread & cucumber, Turkey & double cheese
  10. CLUB TUNA: Double cheese & cucumber (no mayo), Tuna Salad
  11. BILLY CLUB: Roast beef, ham, cheese & Dijon
  12. HUNTERS CLUB: Double roast beef & double cheese
  13. ITALIAN NIGHT CLUB: Capicola, salami, onion, ham &cheese
  14. COUNTRY CLUB: Ham, Turkey & cheese
  15. BOOTLEGGER CLUB: Roast beef and Turkey
  16. CLUB LULU: Turkey & bacon
  17. JIMMY CUBANO: Bacon, ham, cheese, sliced pickles & Dijon

PLAIN SLIMS(no freebies)

  • Slim 1 Ham and cheese
  • Slim 2 roast beef
  • Slim 3 tuna salad
  • Slim 4 turkey
  • Slim 5 salami, capicola and cheese
  • Slim 6 double cheese

CRAZY HUNGRY? ( Regular)

THE J.J GARGANTUAN: Salami, ham, vinegar, oregano & basil, roast, cheese, onion & oil, and beef


  • Sliced pickles
  • Onions
  • Jimmy mustard
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Jimmy Peppers
  • Yellow mustard
  • Grey Poupon
  • Mayo
  • Oil & vinegar
  • Oregano & basil


  • 22oz Soft drink
  • 30oz Soft drink
  • DASANI bottled water
  • Coca-cola products and tea


  • Regular Chips
  • BBQ Chips
  • Jalapeno Chips
  • Salt and Vinegar Chips
  • Thinny Chips
  • Jumbo Pickle
  • Kickin’ Ranch
  • Avocado Spread


  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Jimmy Johns Catering Menu

Jimmy John’s catering menu includes boxes of sandwiches consisting of 12 pieces, 18 pieces, or 30 pieces. Lunch box options include sandwiches, pickle slices, chips, and cookies.

FAQS About Catering Menu

Can we customize our lunch or party boxes?

Yes, you can personalize your box with the kind of originals, favorites, or sides combined with the drinks.

What are the criteria for booking catering at Jimmy Johns?

You should place your bookings at least 1 day before the required day in advance. It is always admired. But you can also make a call for urgent bookings.

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