How to Store Pomegranate?

How to store pomegranate? What to do so that it does not spoil before consuming it? Let’s find out together thanks to a guide and cooking tricks!

Pomegranate is one of the typical fruits of autumn and winter. Its bright red grains are rich in beneficial properties for our body; they are an excellent ingredient for sweet and savory recipes as well as an excellent decorative element. Pomegranates are harvested from the tree when the skin color has reached the shade of ruby ​​red. They are detached from the branches with the help of shears and then can be stored in fruit crates or wicker baskets. But how are they preserved?

Storing pomegranate: the most useful tips and tricks

Pomegranates can be stored in a cool, dry place for 15-20 days. If you require keeping them longer, you can store them in the refrigerator in the special compartment reserved for fruit and vegetables and they can also be kept for a month.

Perhaps not everyone knows that pomegranate grains can also be stored in the freezer. Yes, you read very well.

After having shelled the pomegranates, in fact, you can put the grains in the special container bags for the freezer and freeze them. In this way the beans can be kept for up to three months and you will have them available to prepare tasty smoothies and syrups since you just need to blend them each time. Alternatively you can use them to give an extra touch of color to pies, first or second courses.

How to store pomegranate juice

Homemade pomegranate juice is a truly beneficial drink. If the fresh juice is not pasteurized it can only be stored for a few days in the refrigerator. Those who are lucky enough to have pomegranates in quantity can squeeze the grains and then freeze the juice obtained in special bottles or plastic cups. The defrosted juice is then excellent to taste or to use to prepare other desserts such as custard.

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