How to Store Carrots? Keep Carrots Fresh

They are versatile and give an attractive point of color to any dish, so don’t be afraid to buy them because we are going to tell you how to store and preserve carrots.

They are inexpensive and are good in many recipes, both hot and cold, raw or cooked, as a main ingredient or as a side dish, but it has surely happened to you more than once that, when you have gone to get your hands on them or they are moldy, or wrinkled and soft or generally looking very unappetizing.

But that is over, we are going to tell you how to preserve carrots so that they last much longer without spoiling. Following these tips will keep you fresh for weeks, and even longer if you freeze them, which we will also explain how to do it.

How to keep carrots at home

Unlike other vegetables, carrots are best preserved in a humid environment. So much so that one of the ways to preserve them is to leave them in a container with water that we will change with some frequency as soon as we see that it begins to get cloudy.

Another option is to keep the carrots wrapped in sheets of absorbent paper previously moistened that we will also take care of keeping that way throughout the weeks.

In both cases, there is an important detail to take into account and that is that if the carrots that we have bought come with their green leaves, we must cut them before storing them, because if we leave them, the leaves absorb the water from the carrot causing them to deteriorate more quickly.

How to freeze carrots

Carrots can also be frozen, and to do so we must peel them, cut them into slices or dices and blanch them, this is to put water to boil and when the boil starts add the carrots and wait for the water to boil again. At that moment we take them out, we pass them under a stream of cold water to cut the cooking, we drain them well, we keep them in bags or lids and we keep them in the freezer.

These frozen carrots cannot be used for raw preparations, but they will be very convenient for any recipe in which they are cooked such as soups, stews, rice, purees. In addition, it is not necessary to defrost them beforehand, so it will be very convenient for us to use them in a hurry.

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