How To Dry Corn Husks

Many people love the corn on the cob for its fresh and sweet flavor. It can be served in a variety of ways, such as boiled or grilled. Even after the corn on the cob is eaten, many people use the corn husks as packaging for food.

For example, corn husks can be used to wrap tamales before steaming. If you know how to dry corn husks, you can keep them on hand for dishes that need them.


  • Remove each corn husk from its corn cob. Gently pull on the corn husk to keep it from tearing.
  • Wash each corn husk. Use hot water to wash off any dirt. Shake the remaining water from the corn husks.
  • Place several corn husks in an open cardboard box. Avoid using a closed container to prevent mold from forming on the envelopes. Divide the balls into single layers within the box.
  • Put the envelopes so that both sides are exposed to the sun. Put on the wraps on a regular basis, either once a day or every few hours. It can take anywhere from several days to several weeks for the corn husks to be dried.
  • Leave the box in direct sunlight. Find a sunny spot that won’t be in much shade. Make sure the box is safe from all animals.
  • Bring the can of corn husks inside overnight. This will help keep dew on and keep it from getting wet when it rains or the sprinklers turn on.
  • Store the dried corn husks once they turn pale and brittle. Once dried, they will not mold for long and can be stored for future use.

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