How Much Bread Should You Eat A Day To Gain Weight

Bread is eaten daily in many households. From a health point of view, there is nothing to oppose. “The low-calorie craze makes people feel guilty if they eat a lot of bread,” says dietitian Claudia Kruger. But they shouldn’t. Of course, he clarifies: “At least half of the bread that is eaten per day should be integral.”

The guideline values ​​of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) are between four and six slices of bread, that is, between 200 and 300 grams per day. Or between three and five slices of bread (between 150 and 250 grams) and between 50 and 60 grams of cereal flakes.

To compare: a 50-gram slice of whole wheat bread provides 99 calories and four grams of fiber. To achieve the same with white bread toast, you would have to eat four slices of 30 grams each, which is equivalent to 312 calories.

Whoever wants to orient themselves to these values, in addition, should not equate a slice of bread to a muffin “A whole wheat bread loaf can be equivalent to two slices of bread,” explains Kruger, “because twice as much flour is often used for bread rolls ”.

Is whole wheat or white bread better?

Better a slice of whole wheat bread than toast. This is recommended by many nutritionists and with good reason. White bread also has its advantages, but it should not be eaten too much.

Let’s get to the facts: whoever eats bread made from whole wheat flour will feel satiated much sooner thanks to the many fibers. “You fill your stomach without taking in too many calories,” explains nutrition and home economics expert Maike Groeneveld.

Fibers can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders, colon cancer, and also cardiovascular disease.

True whole wheat bread is made from ground whole-grain cereal. But that does not mean that the inside of the bread is grainy or that the grains can be seen. The cereal can even be ground very finely.

But appearance isn’t everything: “Don’t be fooled by color,” recommends the German Nutrition Society. A darker color can also be generated by adding malt extract. “Many times the color is related to whole wheat bread, but in many cases, it is due to the caramel used as a coloring.”

In other words, it is best to examine the container well. For real whole wheat bread, it says “whole wheat bread” on the packaging. In the list of ingredients, it should first say “whole wheat flour”. In the bakery, you have to pay attention to what it says in the window.

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