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Boiling potatoes is a bit tricky but no impossible thing. If you are not aware of this thing then you must need to know about it. Would you want to know How Long Does it Take to Boil Potatoes? Let me clear you on this.

Is there anything easier than cooking a potato? Well, even in something so apparently simple there are some tricks and tips that are worth taking into account to perfect our pattern art.

And the little joke, because the potato is one of the foods that we consume the most. About 30 kilos per person and year, according to some studies, and the truth is that it is easy to understand: cheap, rich, and perfect for preparing countless recipes.

Indeed, everyone knows how to cook a potato: boiling water, releasing a potato, waiting and that’s it. But beyond the fundamentals, how to boil potatoes quickly? What are the best varieties? Better to start with cold or hot water?

how long does it take to boil potatoes

The best varieties

The best ones to cook are potatoes with soft but resistant skin so that they do not fall apart. The red-skinned potato – Red Pontiac – is one of the best to cook. Read also, Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

Although others that are easier to find, such as the Monalisa (the typical yellow and oval skin), also work wonderfully like other varieties such as Kennebec or Desiree.

By the way, to preserve the potatoes it is best to keep them in a cool place and away from light to avoid rotting. Between 7-10 degrees would be the ideal temperature, and although they may be at higher temperatures they would start to sprout earlier.

Cooking time

Obviously, it will depend on the size of the potato but, for reference, the medium ones will take about 20 minutes and the largest 30. If we can nail a knife or skewer with ease, we will know that they are ready.

Try to choose all the potatoes of a similar size. In this way, we will achieve the same cooking point in all and avoid that some are more cooked than others.

When removing them from the boiling water. It is best to cool them with water so that the cooking process stops quickly. Plus, that will also help make it easier to peel them off.

Peeled or unpeeled

Although peeling the potatoes to cook them is something that is done in many kitchens. The truth is that we will achieve a much better result if we do not remove the skin. This will keep their flavor, their properties, and, by the way, we will prevent them from breaking.

We can also make some cuts with a knife so that when boiling they release starch and do not fall apart. Also, if we make very fine cuts in the skin then it will be easier to peel them.

Cold or hot water

If the potatoes have soil, we will wash them well before putting them to cook. We always put them in the pot when the water is already boiling. The salt in the water is also better when it is already very hot or boiling so as not to delay the boiling.

There are those who recommend adding a dash of vinegar so that they do not crack. But the truth is that it is not worth it because it can affect the taste of the potato.


Although cooking potatoes in the microwave is a good shortcut and it is very comfortable and fast. let’s face it: they do not stay the same. Yes, they are very decent, and if we go in a hurry it is worth it. But if not, the classic method works better.

If we want to microwave them, we will wash them and leave a little water to generate steam. Add a little oil, salt, and pepper, and stir. In a microwave-safe and covered container, we put at maximum power (800 or 1,000W). We make them in batches of 5 or 8 minutes – each time shorter times so as not to overdo it – until checking that they are done.

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