How Long Do Grapes Last?

The grape is a fruit that does not keep long enough. In general, storage lasts on average 5 to 7 days for white or black grapes. There are a few methods that allow grapes to be stored longer, without their flavor being altered. It is indeed possible to keep the grapes in the freezer or in the fridge, but under several conditions. The freshness of these berries should not be altered. To allow you to enjoy grapes for a long time, after picking, here are some methods of preserving grapes.

How to choose the freshest grapes?

The first thing to do to get the maximum longevity from your fruit, when buying it in the store, is to select the freshest grapes available. These few tips and tricks will be of great help if you are wondering how to choose the best grapes in your local store:

Pick grapes with firmly connected stems

When picking grapes, do not separate individual grains from a bunch. This can indeed alter the flavor and quality of the grapes. To do this, it is best to pick them in small clusters. Use kitchen scissors to do this and avoid pulling them out by hand, as this may detach the grapes from the bunch.

If you can, give one of the grapes a very gentle kick. If the grapes come off of them immediately, it’s likely that your grapes are a little overripe and will soon start to rot. If you can’t undertake this quick little test, check the bottom of the grape basket to make sure there are no loose grapes in it. The fact that the grapes are peeling off means that they fell off the stem easily and are therefore overripe.

Look for yellow green grapes or beautiful purple grapes

There is a large amount of variation in the types of grapes, over 8,000 in fact, but these two types are the most common. So these are the most likely types that you will see in your supermarket. Red grapes should also show no signs of green on their skins, or any brown discoloration on green grapes.

Choose grapes that have firmer, non-wrinkled, and unstained kernels. The stem should be green, flexible and brittle. The grapes with a light white veil are grapes protected by bloom. It is a kind of wax that protects the grapes from heat.

Smell your fruits

No, it’s not a strange fetishism. Checking the scent of your grapes lets you know if there is a somewhat vinegar-based scent. Grapes are said to have a sweet taste and they have a sweet smell that matches that of fruit. Their best fruit will taste and smell more sour.

How to store fresh grapes?

Having chosen the best fresh grapes in the store or after picking them, and now is the time to see how to store the grapes fresh. Grapes are quite famous for their short shelf life and many people find it difficult to store. Follow the following tips to store grapes in a better way.

Keep your grapes in their packaging as long as possible

If you don’t need to open them right away, avoid doing so. Supermarkets and businesses in general have done their research and are investing in the right materials and packaging to keep their grapes fresher, longer. This conditions storage, transport and conservation. If you purchased the grapes in packaging, keep the packaging even if you decide to freeze grapes.

Throw away grapes that are already deteriorating

You are unlikely to get the perfect bundle. Even grapes straight out of the vine may have pieces that are already discolored. That doesn’t mean they’re all going to be bad right away.

Just choose the parts that have discoloration, brown spots, and may have shrinkage (similar to a balloon losing its helium). By keeping them, the rest of your bunch will ripen faster. All grapes with mold also spread the rot to other parts of the fruit. So try to declutter your grapes as soon as possible. Throw away those that are already rotten and keep only the fruits that have kept their shine.

Place your grapes in a very humid drawer

Your refrigerator is naturally the best place to store grapes because the refrigerator slows the growth of bacteria, thus allowing your fruit to last longer.

In the refrigerator, place your fruit in a very humid drawer; also called a vegetable drawer (the back of the refrigerator is a good option, for those who do not have a fruit and vegetable drawer).

You can also wrap the grapes in absorbent paper then put it in an airtight bag, before storing it in the vegetable drawer.

If you decide to freeze the grape, it must be cleaned and the seeds removed from the bunch. It is also necessary to remove the seeds and place the grains in a jar, for example, before placing it in the freezer. Obviously, you have to take them out half an hour before tasting them.

Keep grapes away from fresh fruits and vegetables that have a strong odor

Believe it or not, grapes have a strong tendency to pick up any scent, which can make your grapes taste more than offbeat, especially since we’re more likely to be able to taste something when the scent is close (our brains often confuse the two senses, after all).

Garlic, leeks, and onions are all very fragrant vegetables and are very likely to transfer this smell to your grapes, if left nearby.

Alternatively, if you fancy trying a few different combinations, you can try leaving your grapes near another fragrant fruit, which will positively alter the experience of consuming your grapes. The berries are particularly conducive to a little taste experience!

Keep grapes away from bananas

It may sound a bit specific, but did you know that bananas produce ethylene which accelerates ripening of nearby fruits? As a general rule, therefore, you should always keep your bananas separate from all your other fruits. But if you need your fresh grapes to ripen a little faster, bananas can be a great way to encourage your group to move on.

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