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A rolling pin is an essential tool in many kitchens and bakeries for flattening the dough for the pastry, cookie, pizza, simple bread, chapatti and etc. They can too be used for other kitchen tasks like crushing some nuts, black pepper, or tenderizing meat.

The rolling pin is simply like a cylinder. Two types of rolling pins are used i.e. rollers and rods. Rollers are commonly those which are thicker in the middle and thin at the ends. While rod types are simply thin tapered batons.

While on basis of material there are three types of rolling pins basically including American style that simple marble one with handles. Then comes French style, which is handle-less rolling pins. With time French style became more common.

The wooden rolling pins are considered least expensive among all made of luxury woods like maple, oat, rosewood, etc. But you sure should go for one that is comfortable for you.

If you are looking for the best rolling pin for your bakery or kitchen, but sifting through hundreds of pins can be overwhelming. To narrow the field below are given our top 7 choices for a rolling pin.

Our Top 7 Best Rolling Pin America’s Test Kitchen

The mentioned below products are our top seven best rolling pins with a detailed description of each to help you buy the suitable one.

1: J.K Adams Maple Wood Rolling Pin

J.K Adam Medium twelve-inch Gourmet rolling pin is known to be the best-rolling pin of all. Made up of Maple wood which also has waxed barrels preventing the dough from sticking while you are flattening it.

USA hand-crafted rolling pins have self-lubricating bearings making it smooth for a lifetime as long steel axel runs through. Having a good grip its handle is easy to roll under your palm.

If you want your rolling pin to keep working efficiently then hand wash is best. Just wash your rolling pin after every use and immediately dry it with a dry cloth. You can use soapy water for more good.

Applying some sort of mineral oil before use is recommended as it will resist the sticking dough on the rolling pin’s surface.


  • Durable
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handles
  • Rolls on the thick dough


  • Sticker company attaches is difficult to remove
  • Not dishwasher safe

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2: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph Adjustable rolling pin is known for its four removable discs for four different-sized dough thicknesses.

These colorful rolling pin’s adjustable discs can be unscrewed according to the dough size you require making it versatile. You can easily get the thickness of your choice including 1/16, 1/6,1/4, and 3/8 inches.

The pin is made of oats wood 13.6’’ in length and 17.6’’ when discs are included. Screw and discs are made of plastic. The readings are also mentioned on the pin. Although it’s dishwasher safe, still hand wash is suggested but need to dry it immediately.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable removable discs
  • Measurements on rolling pin


  • Different types of dough leave it sticky

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3: French Wooden Rolling Pin

French wooden thin 18 inches long rolling pin is made of fine quality beach wood which is handcrafted for smooth touch. It allows you to perform endless rolling and keep making perfect doughs for your pastries, pizzas, etc.

Like everyone prefers thin rolling pins, this French rolling pin designed by Mr.Woodware brand is the best choice. It can be used for both professional and home-based baking.

You can clean your French wooden rolling pin in two ways. Either put it in the dishwasher or clean it with a wet piece of cloth. But if you use some sticky dough then you need to rinse it under warm water and clean it with your hand and wipe it with the kitchen towel.


  • Good grip
  • Fancy look
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • Not smooth enough

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4: HELFREX Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

HELFREX  professional rolling pin is the most reliable rolling pin made up of stainless steel keeping your dough cold. The use of steel makes it more durable than wooden ones.

The best feature about this rolling pin is that it can be dried immediately after washing. Furthermore, it never gets fungus on it making it more hygienic than wooden ones.

This French-style handle-less rolling pin is a new style allowing you to apply equal pressure covering more rolling area. It is more convenient to use as little force is required.

This multifunctional steel rolling pin can not only be used for flattening your dough, tortilla, and pizza but too can be used for mashing potatoes, tantalizing meat or making ginger garlic paste, etc.

To keep your dough non-sticky don’t forget to keep your rolling pin in the refrigerator fifteen minutes before using.


  • Long-lasting
  • Nonsticky
  • Reliable
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Water may get into a rolling pin ( but can be avoided if taken care of)

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5: Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin

American style Fox Pin marble polished rolling pin is known for its aesthetic marble look with unique pattern and colors. Having natural nonstick properties ensures perfect dough making.

Comes with wooden handles to help you have an easy grip and resting base. Plus nylon ball bearings are integrated into it so that it may roll smoothly and comfortably.

This rolling pin can even tackle the toughest dough efficiently and effortlessly without causing any clinging. If you want to make your hard work just a breeze then go get Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling  Pin.


  • Naturally non-stick
  • Perfect for flattening the toughest doughs
  • Wooden handles for easy and comfortable grip


  • The handles should be durable

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6: Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

The Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin is meant to use long-lasting and moisture-resistant hardwood. Comes with rust-resistant nylon ball bearings to provide you with a comfortable and smooth rolling experience. Using this cool kitchen utensil, you can effortlessly roll cookies dough, pizza dough, and tarts.

Its handles with a 360-degree rotatable roller deliver proper control on it and comfort grip for making out a perfect dough. This super easy-to-clean rolling pin requires just a simple hand wash. If you are on a low budget but want an effective rolling pin then this can be your best choice.


  • Affordable price
  • Meant using moisture-resistant hardwood
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip


  • The coating washes off which is nonfood safe

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7: Creative Home Marble Stone Rolling Pin

The Creative Home Deluxe Marble Stone Rolling Stone is made in the USA and meant using whole pure and natural marble stone. It is 18-inch in length and has sturdy handles for a smooth and comfortable grip while making dough.

Whenever the rolling pin is not in use, the wooden cradle is given so that you may keep your rolling pin safe and still.

With this heavyweight and long-lasting rolling pin, you won’t have to use extra force for making your pizza or pastries dough. The pure marble roller provides you with a smooth and comfortable experience while making dough.

Our rolling pin is easy to clean, all you need to do is just wash it with warm water using mild soap and then dry it.


  • Heavyweight and durable
  • 100% natural marble roller
  • Perfect for making pizza dough, pastries, and many more
  • Easy to clean


  • The product quality should be improved

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Buying Guide For Best Rolling Pin

When you go out to buy a rolling pin there you see its many different types made of different materials. A few important points you must care about while buying a rolling pin could be are as follows:


You need to buy a rolling pin that’s hard enough to press the dough perfectly but should not be much heavy.


A rolling pin can be American or French style. Both are much best one with handles and the other without handles.

Material Used

At present rolling pins of different materials are available. It can be made of wood, marble, or stainless steel but you surely need to prefer one that fits your domestic arrangements. In all cases quality matters. That’s one of the reasons why handmade rolling pins are more preferred.


For rolling pins with handles, you need to check whether handles are easy to hold while pressing the dough or not. Choose the one that has a comfortable grip.

Easy to clean

Before buying make sure that the rolling pin is having a smooth surface as debris may stick into crevices which will not be easy to clean.

Easy to use

Make sure to buy a rolling pin that feels in hand as it’s considered baker’s extended hand. It should be smooth running and require little force.


The rolling pin you’re going to buy Should be long enough to give your dough a required size but not extra long. As extra long will require more force and small length will interrupt your dough shape.


A rolling pin is an important tool in homes and bakeries not only used for making dough for pizza, pastries, and tarts but too for mashing boiled potatoes, grinding spices, tantalizing meat, or making ginger garlic paste.

Hopefully, this article proves to be helpful for you to get the best rolling pin. Our recommended best product is J.K Adams Maple Wood Gourmet Rolling Pin.


1) What is the best rolling pin?

Ans: J.K Adams Maple wood gourmet rolling pin is considered the best one as it has heft and is reasonable.

Q2) What rolling pin is preferred for measurements?

Ans: Joseph Joseph’s adjustable rolling pin is considered best for measurements because of its different-sized discs.

Q3) What is a standard size for a rolling pin?

Ans: Standard size for a rolling pin is 18-22 inches.

Q4) Can wooden rolling pins be washed?

Ans: Wooden rolling pins be washed by rinsing under slightly warm water, brushing with hands, and immediately drying it. Cleaning with a wet towel is too preferred.

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