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Sharpening your old and dull knives is quite an intimidating task, but the knife sharpeners available in the market make the work a lot easier. It’s also cost-effective to sharp your old knives rather than to replace them with brand new knives.

We have tested 12 knife sharpeners, both electric and manual sharpeners, and we choose the 5 best of them which are quick and versatile. These electric and manual sharpeners make the work a lot easier and quicker than sharpening stones.

5 Best Knife Sharpeners Reddit Reviews

You can choose the best knife sharpener for your kitchen according to your budget and needs from the list given below.

1. Chef’sChoice Knife Sharpening System

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The Chef’sChoice knife sharpening system is the best sharpening tool among all of them we tested. It produced sharp, consistent edges for any knife.

This sharpening tool is both fast and simple to use. You can keep your knives sharp all the time with this tool.

This sharpening system comes with a detailed user manual guide that makes the sharpening process simple and easy. The 3-stage EdgeSelect system provides the perfect edge for each cutting task.

The 15 degree Trizor XV combines the strength and durability of the Trizor edge with ultra-sharp and flawless technology. It’s a one-time investment, and you will enjoy this tool for a long time.


  • Sharp, consistent edges
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Flawless technology


  • Little expensive

 2. Presto Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Presto Eversharp is an electric knife sharpening tool manufactured in China and built on North American Electric standards. It’s a two-stage sharpening system and cost-effective than the first we recommended.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use sharpener that produces razor-sharp edges in seconds.

There is no guess sharpening with this tool; its precision blade guides position the knife at an ideal sharpening angle that produces perfect results each time.

You can go with this amazing sharpener tool as it’s cost-effective and easy to use. It will be a great addition to your kitchen accessories collection.


  • Industry-standard quality
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Perfect results every time


  • Slots are not very intuitive.

 3. Mueller Original Premium Knife Sharpener

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Mueller knife sharpener is a manual and compact kitchen gadget designed to keep your kitchen in mind. You can keep this sharpener in your kitchen drawer easily. It’s safe and simple to use, position the dull blade on the sharpening slot and enjoy razor-sharpness in seconds.

Mueller sharpens with 100% fine diamond abrasives, reshapes the angle, and evenly sharpens the edge. With a four-stage system, it’s ideal for various knives. It also polishes and hones the blade.

This sharpener tool is lightweight, compact, built with superior quality material, and beautifully designed. It will look great in your kitchen.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High standard quality
  • Safe and simple to use


  • Not for serrated knives

 4. 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

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This is a revolutionizing 3-stage knife sharpening tool. The first diamond sharpening rod repairs and strengthens the damaged blade.

The second stage sharpens to restore its V-shape, and finally, the third stage polishes the knife. Your knife will work like a new one.

This knife sharpening tool is of premium quality, crafted from strong and durable material, and designed to last a lifetime.

This tool comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee so that you can buy it without any hesitation. This tool is easy and simple for any non-professional cook; you don’t have an expert chef to use it.


  • Premium quality
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 3-stage sharpening system


  • Not for ceramic knives

 5. TODOCOPE Premium Chef Knife Sharpener

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TODOCOPE is a manual knife sharpener with an ergonomic handle design, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed chefs.

This tool is also a 3 slot sharpening system, SHARPEN, REPAIR, or POLISH, to restore the dull and old blades.

This sharpener can be effectively used for any non-serrated blades and almost any type of kitchen knife like chef knife, slicing knife, paring knife, utility knife, and many others.

You cannot use this sharpener for serrated blades and scissors. This is the best chef knife sharpener made up of high-quality materials. Its sharpening head is also removable for easy cleaning of the tool.


  • Ergonomic design
  • For almost any type of knife
  • Inexpensive


  • Not for serrated blades

How to choose the best knife sharpener

To choose the best knife sharpener, it is necessary to consider the types available, the materials, the weight and dimensions, safety, and price.


The commercially available knife sharpeners are divided into automatic or electric, manual, pocket, those made with a whetstone or Japanese stone, and sharpeners.

  1. Automatic or electric knife sharpeners: these are the ones whose use is more suitable for professionals because they require a certain manual skill. They consist of a kind of compact box with slots into which the blades are inserted. To use them, insert the blades in the appropriate spaces, and the appliance will start working. Among the strengths, we point out, in addition to the ease of use, also the speed. They can easily find a place on a kitchen cabinet or any work surface. They have a higher cost than manual models, although they give the same results. I am obviously equipped with a motor whose power can oscillate between 20 and 70 W.
  2. Manual knife sharpener: these are models suitable for domestic use that are cheaper than electric models. They have compact dimensions that allow you to carry them comfortably anywhere. Among their main features, we point out their versatility since they can also sharpen the blades of gardening or leisure tools. Among the most used knife sharpeners belonging to this type, we point out those with wheels, equipped with one or more sharpening stages, and sharpeners, which we will discuss later.
  3. Pocket knife sharpeners: they belong to the category of manual knife sharpeners but have such dimensions and shapes as to be able to carry them comfortably, even inside a pocket. The most comfortable and easy to handle are those with a long and thin shape, reminiscent of a pen. They often come with a handy case to prevent damage during transport.
  4. Sharpener in whetstone or Japanese stone: these also belong to the category of manual knife sharpeners and are made with a stone, natural or artificial, which grants excellent sharpening results. They are models whose use has become widespread precisely because they sharpen the blades perfectly in a short time and without effort.
  5. Sharpeners are tools capable of sharpening blades in a few seconds and designed for daily and frequent use. We point out that their main purpose is to refine the blade’s sharpness, maintain it, and polish the edge.


Each type of knife sharpener is made with different materials. As for the electric ones, for example, to obtain the desired sharpening levels, it is necessary to use abrasive wheels in the shape of discs of different materials. The most used for their realization are diamond, corundum, ceramic, tungsten carbide, and sapphire stone.

As for those made with a whetstone or Japanese stone, the material used to make them can be natural or synthetic: the former is generally composed of silicon dioxide and sericite, while the latter, even if they have a very similar, using different and often synthetic compounds.

Natural stones obviously have a much higher cost than synthetic stones. They have excellent resistance, in addition to sharpening and polishing the blade to perfection.

Some manual knife sharpeners can also be made from durable plastic.

Weight and size

Even the weight and size are two factors that vary based on the type. The electric ones are certainly bulkier and heavier. However, the sharpener manual or stone cote or Japanese are much more practical and light.

In fact, we remind you that if the automatic models are more suitable for professional and domestic use, those that work manually can have such compact dimensions and shapes that they can even be inserted inside a pocket and used in the open air.

The suggestion, therefore, is to evaluate the size and weight of a knife sharpener based on the intended use.


A tool of this type is essential that it is safe. For this reason, both electric and manual models are generally equipped with special slots designed to insert only the blade of the knife without approaching the hands.

Another feature that allows you to use a knife sharpener safely is the presence on the base of non-slip feet that allow you to keep it firmly on the work surface. It is important that the movements are performed with absolute precision and, it is advisable to buy one with all these characteristics.


The cost changes from model to model. We can summarize by saying that the price is certainly an indicator of the quality of the product. The most expensive ones are certainly the mechanical ones, which can reach over $150, and those made with whetstone or Japanese, which have a price that is between $30 and $50 or, if a natural and non-synthetic stone, even higher than $400.

However, we point out that synthetic stones also grant excellent sharpening and polishing results. The manual models, pocket, and steels, on the other hand, are the cheapest ones and can be purchased at a minimum cost of $10 up to a maximum of $25.


How does an electric knife sharpener work?

The most common electric knife sharpeners use abrasives in their sharpening slots. You have to drag through your knife, and the knife sharpener fixes your knife’s damaged edge through these abrasives.

Which type of knife sharpener is best?

Four main types of knife sharpeners are available: electric sharpeners, manual sharpeners, sharpening steels, and sharpening stones. All these have their own advantages, and you have to choose between them according to your needs and budget. If you can invest, we recommend that you go with an electric sharpener; they are fast and easy to use.

Can a knife sharpener sharpen scissors?

Most of the knife sharpeners sharpen blades on both sides at once, and for that reason, they are not being used to sharpen scissors. There are scissors sharpeners available in the market; you can use them safely.

What knife sharpener do chefs use?

Sharpening steel or honing steel is a tool used by many professional chefs and butchers. It’s a rod of steel coated with ceramic or diamond used to re-align the blades.


The knife sharpeners are tools, electric or manual, to sharpen the blades whose presence is essential in the kitchen always to have knives available that cut the ingredients. Although steel was widely used in the past, today, there are several more effective and practical models available. You can buy a knife sharpener that suits your needs.

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