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A knife is such a utensil that is used in the kitchen every single day, even a stove can be elective if we are going to eat a salad but the knife is essential. The best chef knife is a mainspring for preparing good food, but choosing the best chef knife depends upon different factors such as which type of food you are going to cook, your cutting style, and the size of your hands.

A chef knife has a wide blade that becomes narrower towards upward. This quality makes it perfect to move back and forth for chopping all types of ingredients. The best chef knife should be made of high carbon stainless steel because it is easy to handle and gives good edge retention, also it wouldn’t get tarnished.

Features of a chef knife

  • The size of the chef’s knife is an important feature. The most popular size is 8 inches, even though it ranges from 6 to 14 inches.
  • Another one is the shape of blade and edge, it can be with a curved edge as in a German chef’s knife and can be with a more straight edge as in a French chef’s knife.

Difference between cook’s knife and Chef’s knife

Most people argue that these two are almost the same but the exploration showed that there is a difference between a normal home cook and a chef’s knife that make it stand out. A chef’s knife is heavier as compared to ordinary knives because it is boosted with more steel, due to which there is no need to worry about its longevity. Hence these two look similar but they are different in size, shape, blades, and quality.

Our Top Picks

Following are some best chef knives that are appealing to everyone’s need, so take a glance at these high-quality chef knives

1: Mercer Culinary Millennia black handle

Having textured finger points, it is well built by a strong material “Carbon steel”. It is quite simple and easy to use.

Choosing a chef’s knife has a lot to do with exclusive desires, but I am confident that Mercer Culinary Millennia black handle is one of the high-quality knives out there.

Its sharpened edges enhance its chopping duty. As well its well-built Santoprene handle has a strong and comfortable grip. That makes its use much facile. And you can easily cut down on meal-prep time.

Having high durability, it is heat-resistant because of its protective texture. This one has great worth in Japanese-made knives. Having advanced features to fulfill the requirements of today’s professional chefs, this one is superb.

It cuts all the ingredients quickly and precisely as well. It gets a high rank due to its high quality and long-time warranty.


  • Stain-resistant
  • Well built handles
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Long-time warranty


  • Costly

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2: Victorinox Fibrox chef knife

If you have the capability to buy a chef knife in the range of 40$, then this one is best for you. Companies also used this one for many cooking publications. As well as it is well built by a strong material.

Having the firm “Stainless Steel” material, it cuts the ingredients sharply and fastly including chicken, beef, and mutton. As well as, its blades are corrosion-free and waterproof.

Having high durability, it is easy to use having a strong and comfy grip. Victorinox gives its lifetime warranty due to its superb quality and strong material. Its handle is made up of sturdy material having an ergonomic non-slip texture that makes its cutting tasks fast.

In short, it is an awesome all-rounder chef knife.  Its balanced weight and extra-large blade make its quality great. It is efficient enough to cut up the grilled and baked meat or other ingredients including veggies, fruits, pasta, etc…

Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe as its swiss built knife has aligned straight edges. All of its customers loved it too much because of its amazing features.


  • High quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Corrosion-free
  • Waterproof blades


  • A bit little expensive

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3: Mercer Culinary Ultimate white

Its unique and faster blades make it use very simple and comfy. Finding an amazing chef’s knife including sharpened blades is most important as well as tough for any home cook or budding chef.

Therefore, I recommend you Mercer Culinary Ultimate White Chef knife. As its razor-sharp blades are well built by Japanese High Carbon steel. Having high durability, its blades are stain-resistant having an attractive and sharp look.

Furthermore, If you can’t afford a high price Chef knife, this one is best under 15$. Its edges are leveled and sharp. And you can also sharpen its edges by rubbing its corners on the ground surface.

Its finger point textured handles are made of “Ergonomic polypropylene” have a strong and comfortable grip. Moreover, it is slip-proof having a long-time warranty. Its cutting is efficient and quite fast.


  • High quality
  • Sharp enough blades
  • High durability
  • Affordable price
  • Slip-proof


  • Only best for slicing.

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4: Mercer Culinary Renaissance

This Mercer Culinary chef’s knife has a strong grip in its customer’s hand that makes the cutting faster. It is well built by strong material “high Carbon steel” having the light-weight feature. It looks attractive. As it is made up of a modern style.

Furthermore, its quality is outstanding! As it is corrosion-proof and stain-resistant having no German steel blades.

Its ground sharp edges balance its solidity and make it efficient all the time whatever you want to cut the food ingredients including tomatoes and carrots etc… You will hardly have to apply any force due to its sharpened blades.  It cuts the beef and mutton simply.

Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe having a good warranty. You can easily wash it with dishwasher soap.

As well as, its handles have a smooth and firm grip which is the source of superior balance.  It proves helpful in cutting, slicing, and chopping all food ingredients.

Having a length of 17.5 and a width of 0.63 inches, it has a perfect size for professional chefs and all broiler cooks.


  • High reliability
  • Strong-grip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Rust-proof


  • It is quite expensive.

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5: WÜSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

This chef’s knife is ideal for use having high versatility. This one has a perfect size of 8-inches. It is the only knife that cleanly chops the onions, tomatoes, cuts the carrots and bones of the chicken. As well, it makes thin strips of basil and other herbs.

Having durability, it is well built by a sturdy material” Stainless- Steel” with riveted handles. Due to which it becomes corrosion-proof and waterproof as well. Having fully tang, it becomes balanced and easy to use in the customer’s hand.

Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe. As you can easily wash it through dishwasher soap and it works well. But Guys! Wait a bit, I recommend hand-washing to increase its lifetime.

Having long-lasting synthetic stuff, you can utilize it for slicing, cutting, mincing, and dicing the food ingredients, meat, and pasta.

It resists heat up to 55-degree HRC. WUSTHOF makes its blades 20% sharper with double edge retention than others. Its customers are satisfied by this one due to its faster and quick cutting.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Extremely versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Corrosion-free
  • Balanced


  • It is much expensive.

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6: Classic 8-inch Professional Chef Knife

Having 1-inch heft and amazing shape, it is sturdily built by stainless-steel material. While its plastic blades work well also. It is corrosion-proof and waterproof as well.

Having high durability, it comes at a nicer affordable price. As its users loved this one because of its good quality and high durability.  Furthermore, its all-purpose utensil is used for many kitchen tasks having Commendable features.

This ZWILLING Classic 8-inch Professional Chef knife has a seamless handle and blade.  And its Ergonomic blades are quite sharp for cutting tasks. It has a lifetime warranty having good reliability.

Its handles have a strong and soft grip that provides comfort to the user’s hand. Its bolster ensures its safety and stable weight.

You can wash it by hand with a gentle cleanser. It proves helpful in chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing the food ingredients including all types of meat. It is a highly recommended knife by its customers. As it is easy to hold.


  • User-friendly
  • Cheap
  • Highly versatile
  • Multi-tasks tool
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Difficult to use at the start due to high sharpness.

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7: Mercer Culinary Genesis Chef Knife

When there is such a utensil about that everyone talking on the internet. We know we have to need to discuss that. The Made In 13-inches Chef’s Knife did not upset its customers: Furthermore, it’s being attractive to look at, As well as it performed every cutting job very well.

I loved how easily it chopped onions and garlic as well as how smoothly it sliced herbs and celery.

I loved how easily it chopped onions and garlic as well as how smoothly it sliced herbs and celery. The edges of its blade are plain, efficient, and sharp enough for cutting. Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe. As you can easily wash it through dishwasher soap.

Its handle is made up of high-quality Santoprene material having a comfortable and strong grip. In short, it is highly durable.

This knife is stain-resistant and NSF-certified as well. But guys! It has a lifetime-limited warranty. Its blades are pretty wide having outstanding size. As well as, it is sharp enough having a lightweight feature.


  • High quality
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • NSF-certified
  • Plain-blade
  • High durability


  • A bit little expensive

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Buying Guide For Best Chef knife

While researching for the best Chef knife, some important factors should be under consideration, so that you may choose the best option for your Chef knife.


To find out the perfect weight which you can easily handle try out different knives. According to some chefs, a heavy knife is better while in other’s points of view lighter knives are better as heavy knives are better to cut meat and potatoes, etc while to cut fragile ingredients such as soft tomatoes and soft fruits.


Balance can be judged by holding the knife in your hands, if it is weighted towards the back of a knife or the blade, it is not balanced in your hands.


According to most of the experts, the best chef knife should be 8 inches long, but it also depends on the size of your hands, so you can hold the knife and test it by cutting a few ingredients.

Comfort to handle

Before buying any Chef knife, you must ensure the comfort of its handle. As it affects the quality of the Chef’s knife. The high-quality handle encompasses the knife’s tang And provides balance to the overall finished knife.

Material of blade

You must ensure the material of the blade before buying any Chef knife. As it enhances its quality. If the blade material is made up of stainless steel then it is best. Because the stainless-steel blades are corrosion-free and waterproof.

Frequently asked Questions

Which material is best for Chef Knife?

As every material have its features and qualities. But I recommend a “stainless-steel chef knife”. Because stainless-steel Chef knives are corrosion-free as well as waterproof. Furthermore, the stainless steel blades have a lifetime warranty.

While other chef knives have a limited time warranty.

Is Chef-knives dishwasher safe?

Yup, of course! Chef knives are dishwasher-safe. I mean to say that they are simple and easy to wash. You can easily wash them through dishwasher soap. But remember, it depends upon the material of the Chef knife.

What is the most noticeable feature of a professional chef knife?

The most important feature that should be under consideration is its material. As it enhances its quality. If the blade material is made up of stainless steel then it is best. Because the stainless-steel blades are corrosion-free and waterproof.

What is the main purpose of a chef knife?

The main purpose of a chef knife is to cut the ingredients sharply including chicken, beef, and mutton. It is an extremely essential kitchen tool for every home cook.


Chef Knife is such a utensil that is used in the kitchen every single day, even a stove can be an elective if we are going to prepare a salad but the knife is essential. The best chef knife is a mainspring for preparing good food.

Before buying any chef knife, you must ensure its size, weight, balance, material, comfortable and soft-grip handles, and material of blades especially. All the products which I mentioned above have a perfect size, weight, and comfortable handles.

As well, their material is highly durable all of them are dishwasher-safe.

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