Best Can Opener America’s Test Kitchen

Can opener is a kitchen tool that we take for granted. No matter the size of your kitchen, you will probably need a can opener whether you want to open the canned vegetables or feed the resident cat. Manual can openers are best as they take less space as compared to electric counterparts. They are also not expensive.

Manual can openers are categorized into two categories; those that cut the can’s lid just inside the rim of the can and those that unseals the outside edge of the can. Manual can openers are increasingly flimsy, and they are loaded with bonus features.

Can openers come in a great variety; it becomes difficult for you to choose the best one. We have tried our level best to figure out the best ones. Read this detailed article to purchase the best one.

7 Best Can Opener America’s Test Kitchen

  • OHSAY USA World’s Best Can Opener
  • Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener
  • OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener
  • Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener
  • Zyliss Manual Handheld Can Opener
  • Hamilton Beach Smooth Electric Can Opener

1. OHSAY USA World’s Best Can Opener

You can’t go wrong with the highly-rated OHSAY can opener! It features a skip-proof feed wheel and is made from high-carbon steel. The gears and cutters are all zinc plated.

Improved cutting operations make this item more durable. Extra torque enables you to hold it easily. It also prevents hand and wrist issues. The handle is comfortable and easy to use. It never slips out of your hand.

Its blade is very sharp and easily cuts the entire circumference of the can. It is best suited for the opening of large commercial cans and small tomato paste cans.

The design of this compact model varies from that of its classic model. Quality control is of stereotypical CCC. Its action is smoother and runs for a long time. In a nutshell, it is the best can opener for decades.


  • Safe cutting
  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy cleaning and cutting
  • Heavy steel construction


  • Blade turns in one direction

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2. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener

If you are looking for the best electric can opener that will never break, this is the best option as it is affordable for everyone. It is famous for its slim design and attractive appearance.

This electric can opener cuts cans along the sides for smooth, touchable lids. You can easily open the cans smoothly with this can opener.

It is designed so that it cuts along the sides only and not the top of cans. This feature minimizes the blade’s contact with food and prevents the seeping out of food from the top.

The large ergonomic lever is easy for anyone to use. Operation requires little grip strength; just hold the lever down until the blade has made a full rotation around the can.


  • Long-lasting
  • Efficient performance
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable purchase


  • Leaves sharp edges
  • Hard cleaning

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3. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

It is one of the amazing can openers with a large and soft turning knob. It is ideal for those who struggle to grip certain types of can openers.

We also loved the ease with which the blade locked securely onto the rim of our test cans, minimizing spills and allowing us to whip off the lid in seconds.

This is a can opener that ticks all the boxes: it’s light and sturdy, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and has an ergonomic design which makes it a joy to hold.

The opener is made of sleek stainless steel. The blade is sharp and makes cutting easy to manage, and there is also a handy built-in bottle cap opener.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Long track record
  • Easily performs a variety of tasks


  • Hard turning of the knob
  • Leaves sharp edges

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4. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart combines style, convenience, and power in the Deluxe Can Opener. The Deluxe Can Opener operates with a single-touch for effortless operation with beautiful chrome accents and elegant contours.

The Power Cut blade and magnetic lid holder are attached to the detachable lever for fast cleanup. The arms are made of soft rubber coating, which provides an easy grip on the can.

Fortunately, it opens a can of any size and is made of high steel construction. The lever can be removed easily for cleaning. Its sturdy base prevents slipping.

These durable slabs of steel fit on a keychain. Many websites are devoted to celebrating this can opener, and the list of uses is virtually endless.


  • Durable
  • Affordable purchase
  • Easy operation
  • Safe edges


  • Right-handed only
  • Produce sharp edges

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5. Zyliss Manual Handheld Can Opener

The Zyliss Manual can opener is the fastest, most intuitive opener to use if you lack a dominant right hand. The knob is situated on the top corner rather than on the side. Smooth & easy turning handle is made of a soft-touch design and helps eliminate hand fatigue for easier use.

The durable cutting mechanism is made from a high-grade, sharpened stainless steel Wheel to puncture cans easily. The lock comes with a magnet that aids in the easy removal of the can.

The lock and lift can opener locks securely onto the can once you squeeze and puncture the top. Press the red release button when finished to unlock. Its slim rubberized handles are prevented hand fatigue when opening after can.

The soft-touch handle makes for a more controlled, non-slip grip while opening cans. In a nutshell, this is one of the best can openers in the whole list.


  • Soft-touch handles
  • Lock and lift opener
  • Smooth turning handle
  • Releasing lid
  • Affordable for everyone


  • Slower than others
  • Not durable

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6. Good Cook Can Opener

For those who want a can opener that requires less effort, this is a great option. It operates easily with a press button. It is made of heavy-duty chrome construction, which makes it extra durable.

The most interesting thing about this product is that its cutting wheel never touches the food. The blade is sharp and makes easy cutting.

The edges are smooth. The can opener breaks the seal between the lid and the top edge of the can be lifted off. It is nowhere near as sharp as it would be if opened with a standard can opener that cuts the lid. The blade of the opener collects harmful microbes and doesn’t make contact with the food.


  • No sharp edges
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Durable and stainless steel


  • The knob is hard to turn
  • Requires elbow grease

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7. Hamilton Beach Smooth Electric Can Opener 

This can opener is ideal for people who have less talent on the one hand. You can safely operate this tool with the other hand. You can open the cans smoothly with this automatic can opener.

It is designed so that it cuts along the sides and not into the top of the can. It minimizes the contact of the blade with the food.

The large ergonomic lever is easy for anyone to use. Operation requires little grip strength; just hold the lever down until the blade has made a full rotation around the can.

With its sleek chrome and black design, this functional can opener blends well with other countertop appliances and makes a classic addition to your home.


  • Large ergonomic lever
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable purchase
  • Leaves no sharp edges


  • Not durable construction

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Buying Guide For Best Can Opener

Cheap and low-quality can openers will never work for a long time. We have recommended you the best can openers in 2021 that will help you do your daily chores easily quickly.

Build Quality

It would help if you never compromised on your unit’s quality; only save a small amount of money as it will determine how long the product will last.

A vast range of can openers in the market is constructed using stainless steel so that they won’t rust even in your kitchen’s steamy environment.

You’ll also see can openers constructed from plastic, but this material is quite fragile compared to stainless steel and needs high maintenance.

Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the can opener is extremely important because dirty can openers will cause rusting. A rusted can opener is much hard to use; it becomes extremely difficult to use it.

Manual can openers are easy to use and clean; some have additional ridges and nooks. They can catch the food and clean it. On the other hand, electric can openers are hard to clean and use. They require difficult operations.


Traditional can openers have a sharp edge on the can and lid that can be dangerous in many ways. The latest models can open the can in such a way that they never harm your hand and produce safe, smooth edges. We prefer such can openers that provide you safety.


Latest can openers are coming with a variety of functions. They come with added functions. We can use them for opening bottles, cut bags, and even sharpen knives. They are beneficial for you if you want to use a can opener to open many things’ lids.


Q1: How can we clean the can opener?

A: You can remove and wash the removable lever in hot water. After washing it thoroughly, dry it in a warm environment. Don’t use a dishwasher for this purpose.

Q2: What is the difference between electric and manual can opener?

A: An electric can opener is much easier to use. The machine rotates with coordination to keep the can rotating while the blade slices through the lid. It is much easier because it never causes pain.

Q3: How can we differentiate Cook’s country and America’s Test Kitchen?

A: America’s test kitchen provides you the best recipes to cook, and Cook’s country provides you the history of food. They have the same theme but presentation makes a difference.

Wrapping it up

We have created this amazing guide for you to get an excellent investment and purchase the best can opener while sticking to your budget.

For this, we have added our best efforts to share the first person tested experiences, guidelines on how you can grab the best can opener according to your needs and requirements.

Not just that, we have even shared some options to make your buying process easier, as well as how you can safely use the can opener to do your job.

In a nutshell, we have summarized and tried to help you get your imagined best can opener!

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